Former Australian PM has a go at those who are constantly doing down Britain.

This morning on GB News, Ex-Australian PM Tony Abbott says Britain should be proud of its history, and that no country has done more to…

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Macron Northern Ireland protocol

HYPOCRITE – Macron claims he “knows all about UK sovereignty” even though he refuses to accept Northern Ireland as a sovereign part of the UK

After the G7 summit, all leader took to the stage to give their round-up speech. Before this speech, The media reported that Macron had said…

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Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, EU

BREXIT EXPERT – EU fear Boris Johnson may engage in stronger words once Biden leaves “British soil.”

With tensions ratcheting up between the EU and UK, the EU are somewhat on the back foot. Dr Steve McCabe, Senior Fellow at the Centre…

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Angela Merkel, Ursula Von Der Leyen, Emanuel Macron, Boris Johnson meet up at G7

BORIS JOHNSON set to go head to head with EU nation state heads during the G7 summit.

With the G7 summit well underway Boris Johnson is said to be holding a meeting with the head of EU nations. Boris said this meeting…

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Boris Johnson, Ursula Von Der Leyen, Lord David Frost

‘Proves he’s right man for the job!’ EU frustrated as they fail to rid of Lord Frost. 

With the EU failing at every turn to oust and remove Lord Frost from the position of EU UK relations minister, this confirms Lord Frost…

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Ursula con der leyen

“POLEXIT” POSSIBLE, after Poland declares war against the power crazed EU rule of law mechanism.

POLAND has issued a “declaration of war” against the EU’s new system of rule of law protection, as the gulf between the conservative country and…

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“Northern Ireland is a trojan horse“ being used by the EU to attack the UK

Talks between Brexit minister Lord Frost and the European Commission’s Maros Sefcovic on Wednesday failed to make a breakthrough on the protocol. The EU has…

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Edwin poots, Ursula Von Der Leyen

DUP leader blasts the EU Commission saying “They have broken the protocol in so many ways themselves.” The EU shows no good faith. 

Newly appointed DUP leader Edwin Poots attacked the EU and the Northern Ireland protocol in a frustrated rant. While speaking to the BBC, Mr Poots…

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EU terrified of UK Strategy – UK played the EU to get out, now their pushing to change the Northern Ireland Protocol as it’s “not working”. 

BETH Rigby revealed sources have told her there is “nervousness” within the European Union over the Northern Ireland Protocol as the UK have lamented the…

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EU has a go at Britain over not implementing the Northern Ireland protocol even though the EU themselves tried to invoke article 16 to collapse the agreement.

EU have today accused Britain of deliberately trying to collapse the Northern Ireland Protocol even though the EU tried to invoke article 16 of the…

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VOTING INTENTION – Labour devastated as Tories take a massive 16 point lead in the Latest YouGov polls.

In the latest YouGov poll, the Conservatives have a massive 16 points lead on Labour making the polls 46% on 30% in the Tories favour….

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Failed Ed Miliband backs Keir Starmer for leader, even if he loses the coming by-election.

Since the disastrous election result for the Labour Party last month, Starmer’s popularity has plummeted. Nearly half of Labour Party supporters say they would back…

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Sky News staff dreading Kay Burleys return after accusations of “grooming” style tactics used to bully staff.

It doesnt look good for Kay Burley after her team are said to be dreading her return to Sky News next week. Today Guido Fawkes…

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Ben Habib tells UK – EU relations Minister Lord Frost “You’re barking up the wrong tree”.

Former Brexit Party MEP has returned comment to a tweet from the UK – EU relations Minister Lord David Frost. Mr Frosts tweeted a passage…

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John Redwood goes after the BBC after being axed from Newsnight for not having the right views.

John Redwood, Brexiteer Conservative MP, was meant to have appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight but was axed at the final moment due to having the…

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