Germany and France put pressure on the EU Commission to “develop a range of precise legal responses” against the UK.

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ANGELA MERKEL and Emmanuel Macron are urging Brussels to issue “precise” legal actions against the UK over its commitments to the Brexit deal.

Here’s what was said:

RTE Europe editor Tony Connelly:

  • “The British press seem to be developing the narrative that if they unilaterally extend the grace period at the end of the month then the EU will automatically react.”
  • “The EU doesn’t want to get sucked into the stupid sausage war type narrative, where we would be seen to be coming heavy because of things like chilled meat, sausages etc.”

Mr Johnson, will hold talks with EU leaders at the G7 summit. Johnson is expected to say:

  • “You will understand that there are ways of enforcing the Protocol, ways of making it work, that may be excessively burdensome.”
  • “I just give you one statistic: 20 percent of the checks conducted across the whole of the perimeter of the EU are now done in Northern Ireland, three times as many as happen in Rotterdam.”

Mr Raab jumped into the debate telling Sky News:

  • “we want a flexible, pragmatic approach”.
  • “But for that to happen the EU must be less purist, more pragmatic and more flexible in the implementation of it. The ball is very much in the EU’s court in relation to that,”
  • “The bottom line for us is that the threat, the risk, to the Good Friday Agreement comes from the approach the EU has taken – a particularly purist approach.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen responded, saying:

  • “We have shown flexibility, we will show flexibility, but the Protocol and the (Brexit) Withdrawal Agreement have to be implemented completely.”

Source: Merkel and Macron pressure EU to ‘develop legal response’ to UK – EU court battle threat

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10 days ago

What is it with these two, why don’t they stop telling the UK what to do and FfffffffffF off. We have left the EU and the UK wants to live its her own live away from those like the Germany and French Governments trying to tell us what to do. Now the EU and the persons of the two above Governments need to worry about their countries and stop trying to get more money from the UK, it been a while since the UK left the EU and like most of us we want to be as faraway from them as possible SO just leave the UK a loan to get her back on her feet again away from you lot in the EU.