Gordon Brown says he will keep pushing to reverse Brexit

“Comments at Guardian Live event are first time former PM has explicitly called for UK to rejoin EU Gordon Brown has said he will not give up pushing for the UK to rejoin the EU, while stressing that this is a personal view and he accepts it is unlikely in the short term.”

Gordon Brown said

  • “I want to rejoin the European Union,”.
  • “I’ll not give up. I didn’t support joining the euro because I didn’t think it would work for Britain, it wasn’t because I objected to a single currency.”
  • “I’m only saying it as a personal view. I still regret leaving the European Union, and I still see a long-term future as part of Europe. And that’s all I need to say. That’s my contribution to the debate. I’m not there to decide Labour’s policy at the next election.”

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Source: Gordon Brown says he will not give up fight to reverse Brexit

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