EU attacks German sovereignty. Trying to force the independent Karlsruhe court to “subordinate itself to the ECJ”.

Angela Merkel Ursula Von Der Leyen

BRUSSELS has been accused of impinging on Germany’s sovereignty after it launched legal action against the country’s constitutional court.

Here’s what was said:

German MEP Gunnar Beck states the EU is attempting to force the independent Karlsruhe court to:

  • “subordinate itself to the ECJ”.
  • “Which equates to a loss of sovereignty for Germany,”
  • “This protection is not only permissible, but also mandatory.”
  • “By the way, the relationship between the EU and national law is similar to that of many other national constitutional courts, among others in Denmark, Hungary or Poland.”
  • “The EU is not sovereign, but the member states.”

Source: We tried to warn you! EU accused of assault on German sovereignty – Berlin sued in ECJ row

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