EU has a go at Britain over not implementing the Northern Ireland protocol even though the EU themselves tried to invoke article 16 to collapse the agreement.

EU have today accused Britain of deliberately trying to collapse the Northern Ireland Protocol even though the EU tried to invoke article 16 of the Protocol a few months back, which would have collapsed the agreement.

As the two sides go into talks next week, the EU is upset that Britain is holding off on fully implementing the Northern Ireland agreement.

One EU diplomat told RTE: “We can’t let the UK destroy the Protocol with a thousand cuts.

If they continue on like this, bit by bit, it will wear away, and they will end up with permanent derogations – or they think they will.

Irish Foreign Minister Mr Coveney admits this tension started when the EU deliberately tied to invoke article “16 of the protocol“, which would have slammed the border shut between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Mr Coverney said: “There have been mistakes made by both sides, like the widespread concern caused when the European Commission fleetingly considered using Article 16 of the Protocol.

The EU heard those concerns and immediately reversed course within hours.

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