Sky News staff dreading Kay Burleys return after accusations of “grooming” style tactics used to bully staff.

It doesnt look good for Kay Burley after her team are said to be dreading her return to Sky News next week. Today Guido Fawkes has reported that Kay had used bullying, and grooming style tactics to keep her dominance in the work place.

One of her work previous work colleagues told Guido“What Kay does is this divide and conquer thing, but she has her favourites. And suddenly they’re getting the best stories. And suddenly, they’re kind of working on her programme”

“And then she ran the sort of weekends away, where she would invite people to come away to her Cotswolds place. I think if you were invited, obviously you had to go. I mean, I had a friend who was invited, she said ‘what the hell do I do?’ They didn’t want to go but sort of thought, Well, I better go. And in a funny way, I was always quite relieved, not to.”

“I thought it felt like she was grooming people really.”

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