Priti Patel slams Met Police Commissioner Dick for trying to push a change in law that discriminates against white candidates to boost ethnic minorities in the Met Police Force.

With the pc culture in the Met Police Force being rife from the top-down, Dame Cressida Dick decided to push the hand of the Home Secretary to make a law change so only those from ethnic minority backgrounds would be favoured over white candidates.

Dicks attempt to make a law change was after she wanted to increase ethnic minorities in the London Police force to 40% instead of the current 18% to match the Londons population demographic.

The Home Secretary firmly rejected to move with a Home office source telling the Daily Mail, “It’s fair to say positive discrimination is illegal for a reason.”

There is “no need for positive discrimination to increase the diversity of the police”.

Many Tory MPs were outraged by the Met Police Chiefs attempt to discriminate against white people instead of picking candidates, not on their skin colour but the credentials for the job. Have your say in the comments below.

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