Ben Habib tells UK – EU relations Minister Lord Frost “You’re barking up the wrong tree”.

Former Brexit Party MEP has returned comment to a tweet from the UK – EU relations Minister Lord David Frost. Mr Frosts tweeted a passage from a joint op-ed in the Belfast Telegraph regarding Northern Ireland.

The quote said: “Let us work to keep Northern Ireland on the positive path of recent years. History has shown that pragmatism and compromise can deliver results – but only if they engage with, rather than avoid, the underlying problems. We urge all who want Northern Ireland to succeed to work with us towards this bright future.”

The former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib left a comment telling the former Brexit negotiator that he is “Barking up the wrong tree”.

Ben Said: “If the Protocol can be made to work in a pragmatic and proportionate way why cannot customs checks on the island of Ireland similarly work? The flow of trade across the Irish border is a fifth of the trade across the Irish Sea”

“You’re barking up the wrong tree.”

The preferred option from those in Northern Ireland is to do away with the Protocol. Will Boris and co listen?

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