EU wide support for freedom of movement plummets in recent report by Oxford University.

A new report from Oxford University named “Europe Today and Tomorrow: What Europeans Want” suggests that EU wide support for freedom of movement has plummeted.

The report presented a statement to gauge reaction to see if people agreed or disagreed with it. The short statement read: “free of movement has had more costs than benefits for my country,”

More people admitted they agreed with the statement than disagreed. EU wide reaction had 37% saying they agreed with the statement, with 32% saying they disagreed.

The findings in the report read: “The mood in Europe is, in fact, more mixed with regards to whether free movement has been entirely a good thing at the country level,”

When the report results were broken down, France and Germany had high numbers agreeing with the statement. 45% in France, with 40% in Germany. When you look at the context, both nations have had a massive amount of forced immigration in their communities.

The bureaucracy that is the European Union just received another blow, this time from its residents.

The population of the 27-country bloc are hugely divided over some of the key aspects of EU membership, a recent report by researchers at Oxford University shows.

Source: Another Blow To The EU — Its Population Is Divided

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