BORDERS WIDE OPEN – 132 people crossed the English Channel illegally into Britain yesterday.

migrants picked up by UK Border Force

With the weather becoming warmer and flat seas in the English Channel, the mass flood of migrants who illegally come to Britain by small boat continues.

Yesterday according to our sources, 132 people were taxied into Britain by UK Border Force.

The clip below shows a massive amount of collected mid-channel people after the French Navy escorted their boats into British waters.

A few days ago, we got reports of bigger boats being bought by the people traffickers to get more people to Britain.

This was down to the lack of resistance from the UK authorities and the success rate of migrants staying in the UK.

We say it every time. Why is this still happening? Why is the MSM not reporting on this? Why is the UK Government allowing this to happen?

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20 days ago

Are we the taxpayer still giving the French money to stop these travelers from France. If so then stop giving our taxes to them because they the French are taking the piss out of us like they have done in the past.