Joe Biden sets up investigation into the Wuhan Lab.

Joe Biden Wuhan lab China

When Trump was in the White House, he warned that the virus came from a Wuhan Laboratory in China. Soon after, that claim was shot to pieces by the Mainstream Media and anyone who mentioned it was banned from social media and deemed a conspiracy theorist.

With time moving on and a new administration in the White House, it now transpires that Trump’s claims of the virus’s origins being from a Lab in Wuhan are now being taken seriously, meaning the MSM and politicians that suppressed this information now have egg on their face.

It’s now said that Joe Biden has set up an investigation into the virus’s origins with the ain to isolate where the virus originated from. The Wuhan Virus claim now stands as a strong possibility and is now openly spoken about on MSM where before it was silent on the matter.

The big question is, should the MSM and Social media platforms who labelled everyone a conspiracy theorist for wanting to find the origin of the virus have to apologises? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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