John Redwood puts the BBC on the spot, calling out Bias.

In a Tweet this morning, John Redwood, Conservative Brexiteer, asked a straightforward question calling out the BBC News Bias.

He asked: “Why do most BBC interviewers both believe a free trade agreement with the EU was vital to our economy yet a free trade agreement with Australia will be damaging?”

If we’re honest, we all know why the BBC pushed their support for the EU, and that was due to funding. Those on the BBC used to call Brexiteers isolationist, yet now they don’t want Britain to trade worldwide. It seems the BBC and their reporters are isolationist.

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24 days ago

Was it bad to trade our family downunder when these cowboys of the EU are plying around with us in the UK with our water rights, NI and GIB with Spain. Lets look at this problem with Spain and our Land in GIB, Spain hold a plot of land across the world then why don’t they hand them back to the countrys it belongs too before acting the big man of EU. THE EU IS GOING DOWN HILL FAST NOW WE IN THE UK HAVE LEFT THEM.