Soubry returns to kick Brexiteers in the shin with a sick and twisted tweet blaming brexit for the deaths of the pandemic.

Anna Soubry, a former Tory remoaner who lost her seat after trying to force a second referendum upon the British people, has released a sick and twisted tweet blaming Brexit for the death of people during the covid pandemic.

Soubry’s tweet said: “Leave won the EU Referendum, then won control of the Conservative Party & Government. Little wonder so many died who could have been saved. Brexit has broken our country. I just want the grown-ups back in charge.”

In response to this tweet, people rightly said that this Pandemic had nothing to do with Brexit. One man put Anna back in her place, saying: “People wanted to leave, so they voted to leave and also why you are no longer an MP.” 

These sort of tweets from former politicians are designed to generate friction in the hope it inflicts more unrest between people. As the old saying goes, if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything. 

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