Bitter EU official places Brexit disruptions at the feet of the UK government.

Even though reports state that the EU has massively increased its red tape on goods going to and from the UK/EU countries, even though British standards are mostly higher than the EU, they still dare to blame Britain for delays in trade going into the EU. Richard Szostak, European Commission director of UK Service of the Secretariat, told the EU Parliament: “Brexit is a decision that the Commission has always regretted but respected.

“We consider it to be a lose-lose situation, and throughout the negotiation period, what we’ve always done is looked for ways to mitigate the impact of Brexit for the single market.”

Though this statement was made, what is true is in recent weeks, the EU has been acting like an angry Ex-Partner who seeks revenge. The EU is extremely bitter towards Britain and is doing all it can to pressure Britain, hoping it fails. It was announced yesterday that the EU doesn’t have enough money to cover the mass black hole that cash cow Britain had left. Is it really the UK that is the weaker partner in this supposed Brexit agreement? 

Disruptions across the UK and the EU are a direct consequence of “the kind of Brexit pursued by the UK government”, EU officials have said. Richard Szostak, European Commission director of UK Service of the Secretariat, said problems across the board were “not chosen by the European Union”.

Source: Brexit disruptions are UK government’s fault, EU officials say

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