Joe Biden’s universal tax rate deemed part of “far-left agenda”.

This agenda by Joe Biden does stink of far-left failed socialism. The socialist dream is for everyone to get a set standard of income where the standard or minimum wage becomes the maximum pay.

The universal tax rate, which the US wants to set at 21%, is a one size fits all global rate where competitiveness is out of the window due to flat-rate equality. Boris is right to reject this flat rate of tax. Do you agree? ‘What’re your thoughts on this? Leave your comments below.

JOE BIDEN’S radical plans for a universal tax rate has been condemned by an expert, who claimed the US is using its “global power to bully other countries into a nefarious far-Left agenda”.

Source: Joe Biden attacked over radical ‘far-Left agenda’ which risks destroying Brexit ‘freedoms’

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peter Aston
27 days ago

It really is time world citizens reject this far-left liberal do good, do No good agenda.,I did not vote for any of this guilt-ridden bullshit.