Brexiteer hits out at Grimsby Tory MP after bragging about her achievements. You “threw Grimsby under the bus”.

June was very vocal through Brexit, calling out those who destroyed the fishing industry before Brexit and post Brexit.

June is right. The Brexit we were promised hasn’t fully happened. We are starting to see it all unravel, especially around the Northern Ireland Protocol, where Britain is being pressured to follow EU rules on food and agriculture. If that happens then, future free trade deals will be in jeopardy as any country wanting to trade with Britain would first have to sign up to EU regulations on Food and Agriculture.

A BREXITEER has hit out at a Tory coastal MP for drumming up her achievements since being elected in 2019, pointing to the “diabolical” Brexit trade deal she backed that “threw Grimsby under the bus”.

Source: Brexiteer rips apart MP over fishing deal that ‘threw Grimsby under bus’ – ‘Shame on you!’

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27 days ago

The con club of our Government is doing the will of the people. They are selling us out to the EU again. This Government don’t care about Briton at all or they would tell the EU an those MPs who want us back in the EU to give up their post as MPs and let those in how care about the UK.