Alastair Campbell states that people won’t hold it against Starmer after trying to force people to vote again during the Brexit referendum.

In a statement made by Alastair Campbell on LBC, Alastair said that though Keir tried to overturn the Brexit result, his actions will not be held against him in the Red wall seats.

If you think about the consequences for democracy in the UK, had the Labour Party got their way for a second referendum. People would never have voted in future elections ever again, making democracy in the UK dead. 

Starmer, and his remoaner friends, all tried to overturn the democratic Brexit vote because the remain lobbies were given the wrong answer the first time around. 

The way I see it is, if you’re a political party leader who wanted to smash democracy in this country to get your own way, then who in the right mind would vote for you. 

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