COLD HARD TRUTH FROM FROST: EU needs to “get used to” UK controlling its own fishing waters.

When it comes to taking back control, the EU has never accepted the autonomy of the United Kingdom. David Frost is correct to say Britain needs to do what’s right for Britain, and the EU need to understand that fact.

No self-governing nation would put another country’s interests before their own, and the French need to realise the new reality we live in. The French fishermen have had it too easy, for far too long when it comes to fishing.

The French have had the majority catch in Britain’s waters for decades at the detriment of our own fishermen, and now that’s gone, the French now rely on making threats instead of negotiating.

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Jamie Croll
1 month ago

The uk should ban the french our waters and rip up the northan Ireland protocol

Robert Heeley
1 month ago

When the U.K. joined the E.U. the French fishermen had no qualms about the devastation of the British fishing industry and associated businesses. Now the shoe is on the other foot, they must accept as we are no longer in the E.U and our international territorial waters, once again belong to Britain, ANY Country who wish to fish in our waters must have a licensed agreement on Where they can fish, Size and type of catch. No Giant Factory ships. I understand this is International Maritime Law.