Ben Habib – David Frost means well and is supported by Brexiteers, but when it comes to protecting British sovereignty, “his actions belie his rhetoric.”

In an exchange with the Express NewsPaper, Ben Habib questioned Lord Frost’s lack of action on protecting the UK and its sovereignty when it comes to the EU pushing a purist and nonsensical approach onto Northern Ireland, deliberately damaging the United Kingdom’s Union of nations.

The former Brexit Party MEP said: “Lord Frost is well-liked by Brexiteers. His rhetoric is encouraging.

“He insists the EU must step aside when it comes to matters of British sovereignty, but his actions belie his rhetoric.”

“For, if he truly believed in the united kingdom being sovereign, he would cease dealing with the EU in the matter of the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

“The EU has repeatedly shown its contempt for the integrity of our country.
“Barnier is on the record saying the price of Brexit would be Northern Ireland.

“And sure enough, when the Protocol was implemented, the EU has enforced its terms to the fullest extent.
“It has tried, with a great deal of success, to prise Northern Ireland away.”

“The Protocol has afforded the EU a stranglehold on us.”

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