The Conservatives make it their mission to STOP the WOKE destruction of Britains history and heritage.

With WOKE Liberals trying to scrub away Britains history, Conservative Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden MP hitS out with a plan to stop the Woke agenda from smashing Britains heritage.

In the Telegraph, Mr Dowden said: “I want more statues erected; more chapters added to our national narrative and more understanding of it. In short, more history, not less.”

He continued: “And as national institutions, heritage organisations should take into account the views of the entire nation: the people for whom they were set up, and whose taxes pay for them.”

“That’s why I want to make sure the boards of these bodies are genuinely diverse and not solely governed by people from metropolitan bubbles.”

“I want a grandparent in Hartlepool or Harwich to feel as represented by their decisions as a millennial in Islington.”

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