Labour’s Angela Rayner admits she would have voted for Boris if she was a teenager.

In an attempt to build up the Labour Leaders image, Keir Starmer is said to be going on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories next month, hoping it makes people connect with him, but before next months interview, Angela Rayner had a few words of her own.

In an interview with Westminster Insider, Angela admitted that she would have voted for Boris because she “would have liked someone a bit spicy and willing to throw a grenade in”.

Rayner said that the current politics being churned out from the Labour Party is what she calls “Magnolia politics”.

Angela said: “For a long time, people have felt that politicians are just saying what they think they want to hear,”

“I call it magnolia politics. Let’s not offend anyone, and have no opinion on anything, sort of thing. And as you are all aware, that’s kind of not me.”

Mrs Rayner also exposed what was going on in the party’s higher echelons, where she states currently, there is a power struggle.

Angela said: “There is a small group that gets the headlines that are just in a power struggle. And that’s nonsense – because we’re not in power in Westminster. And we won’t be in power in Westminster for a very long time until we start realising that we look like bald men fighting over combs.”

This exposes precisely what the Tories have said for a long time. The Labour Party are arguing amongst themselves while letting everyone else down around them. Will they learn the lessons of the past? I think not.

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