Lisa Nandy gets owned by a member of the Question Time audience “I am just sick to the back teeth of hearing you whinging on.”

During quite a lively Question Time, an audience member asked a question we are all currently thinking, “what is the point of the Labour Party?”

After Labours Shadow Foreign Secretary had a go at everyone on the panel other than Labour Activist Paul Mason, Nandy got a roasting from a member of the Question Time audience.

The lady from the audience said: “Lisa (Nandy), your behaviour just completely depicts why people don’t want to vote Labour because all you’ve done is point the finger and throw stones at anybody who dares to question you.”

“I really would not put my vote on your labour ballot paper”, the lady continues the epic rant by finishing with “I am just sick to the back teeth of hearing you whinging on, at every other person who criticises you.”

After this rant, I have to agree with the question. What do Labour stand for other than attacking those who criticise while saying they have to learn from their mistakes.

Labour, currently, are like a boat without a rudder, the captains asleep, and they are heading towards the rocks. Utter useless as an opposition.

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Terry Hannah
Terry Hannah
1 month ago

Labour are pure shite, they dint give a flying toss about the working class or our freedoms. They really are surplus to requirements! No one, and I mean no one with any sense at all could never even think about voting for this complete and utter shower!