After they asked for Photo ID to attend their event, the Labour Party are found to be hypocrites after they rally against producing Photo ID to vote in UK elections.

With the Labour Party rallying against people having to show photo ID to vote in future elections, they have been caught out after Labour members were told to bring photo ID to attend a Labour Party event.

This show the hypocrisy of the Labour Party. Does this mean a Labour Party event where you have to produce a photo ID is discriminatory? Racist?

Why is it ok for the Labour Party to ask for a photo ID to enter one of their events, yet it’s not right to show a photo ID to vote in a general election?

Keir Starmer said having to produce photo ID to vote “tramples over civil liberties, and it discriminates. The Prime Minister must know that introducing compulsory voter ID will suppress turnout.”

“It will disproportionately impact ethnic minorities, and it will weaken our democracy.”

“Labour will have no part in that.”

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R W Holmes
R W Holmes
1 month ago

Does any body really care what Alistair Campbell thinks?