EU Fires back at the UK, blaming “Johnson’s pursuit of a reckless Brexit” as the cause of troubles in Northern Ireland.

Tensions have heated up after Lord Frost told the EU the UK was willing to pull the plug on any future trade deal with the EU unless the bloc shifted their position to a more risk assessment based, common-sense approach to the Northern Ireland protocol.

In retaliation to Lord Frost’s comments, EU officials said the problems in Northern Ireland were the consequences of Boris “Johnson’s pursuit of a reckless Brexit”. Saying: “We believe the Protocol is here to stay.”

“With joint coordination from the UK, we are committed to a firm but fair solution.”

To add fuel to the fire, the UK is believed to have dismissed EU demands of a foods standards deal that would tie the UK to EU regulations.

The EU demanded this alignment in order to ease checks on goods flowing between Britain and Northern Ireland.

Discussions continue with the EU saying, “It will be tough, but we are determined to reach an agreement.”

Bullet point of the meeting between a number of business and community representatives in Northern Ireland

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