COVID INQUIRY – Labours Angela Rayner demands Boris to not “kick the can down the road.” It is “urgent that the inquiry begins now.”

In an official statement from the Labour Party, Angela Rayner MP goes after Boris Johnson, telling him he cannot kick the can down the road when it comes to the covid inquiry.

Rayner continues to say those who have lost loved ones over the pandemic need to have confidence in the inquiry and that the inquiry should start sooner rather than later, especially after Boris keeps referring to a coming “wave of infections later this year.”

Rayner’s full statement read: “This inquiry must have the confidence of bereaved families from the outset, particularly in determining the terms of reference of the inquiry.

“The Government cannot kick the can down the road to next spring – this inquiry must begin as soon as possible, not next year. The families of all those who have tragically lost their lives during this pandemic deserve answers, and we must learn the lessons. It is particularly urgent that the inquiry begins now given the Prime Minister is himself predicting a further wave of infections later this year, with more lives potentially at stake.

“Labour will be working with bereaved families, trade unions and other organisations to ensure that this inquiry is truly independent, fully public and has the support and confidence of the families and all those who have worked on the frontline during this pandemic.”

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