Conservative MP takes a swipe at France saying they have been acting like a “Rogue state”.

After the French threw their toys out of the pram over fishing licenses, David Jones, deputy chairman of the European Research Group (ERG) slammed Macron saying France has been acting like a “rogue state”.

Mr Jones told the Express: “The French position is completely without merit.”

“Even if they had reasonable cause for complaint about access to the waters around Jersey and the UK, the way that they are trying to bully their way into getting what they want – by threatening to cut off electricity supplies to Jersey, and now trying to stop UK access to EU financial markets – is wholly illegitimate.”

“Under the TCA, any dispute about fisheries should be referred to the specialist Fisheries Committee for resolution.”

“Even if the UK/Jersey were in breach of their obligations, any remedies for such breach would have to be proportionate, and one of those that are set out in the TCA.”

“An individual member state has no right to take measures against the UK and, in any event, threatening to cut off electricity supplies or to block UK access to EU financial markets would not be an available remedy under the TCA.”

Commenting on the behaviour of the French specifically, Mr Jones said: “The French attitude is becoming increasingly erratic.”

“They are behaving like a rogue state, refusing to observe the provisions of the TCA.”

“This is probably the consequence of increasing pressure on Mr Macron, who is clearly concerned about his diminishing prospects of re-election next year.”

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