ULTIMATUM – Lord Frost threatens to pull the rug on a Post-Brexit deal with the EU unless there’s a common-sense approach towards the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Boris Johnson has threatened to pull the rug on a post-Brexit deal with the EU after no progress made on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The current measures have been deemed unworkable by Brexit Minister, Lord Frost, saying, going forward, he will now “consider all our options”.

The stern words could see Britain suspend or pull away from talks altogether. Frost said, “It’s clear from my visit that the protocol is presenting significant challenges for many in Northern Ireland.”

“Businesses have gone to extraordinary efforts to make the current requirements work, but it is hard to see that the way the protocol is currently operating can be sustainable for long.”

“We’re committed to working through the issues with the EU urgently and in good faith.”

“I hope they will take a common sense, risk-based approach that enables us to agree a pragmatic way forward that substantially eases the burdens on Northern Ireland.”

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