STATEMENT – Former US President TRUMP supports Boris Johnsons proposal to introduce voter ID in future UK elections. 

Yesterday Boris and the UK government stated that they want to introduce voter ID to bring back voter confidence in future elections. It was noted in the Queen’s speech that this would be a top priority to the Tory Government. 

Donald J Trump, a massive supporter of Boris Johnson and this decision to try and prevent fraud in the UK elections, released a supportive statement backing the UK’s government’s decision to introduce voter ID.

In a statement from the Desk of Donald J Trump, the statement read: “The Government of the United Kingdom is proposing that anyone who wants to vote in a British election should show photo ID to eliminate any corruption and fraud and “ensure the integrity of elections.” 

“This is exactly what we should do in the United States, unlike the Democrats who want to abolish Voter ID laws with passing their horrible HR 1 Bill. All States should pass Voter ID laws along with many other fair and comprehensive election reforms, like eliminating mass mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, so we never again have an election rigged and stolen from us. The people are demanding real reform!”

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