John McDonnell slams Keir Starmer over Jeremy Corbyn: “Just let him back in. It’s beginning to look a bit personal and I don’t like that.“

Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has been pleading with Keir Starmer to bring back Jeremy Corbyn into the Labour fold. Last November, Jeremy Corbyn had the whip removed and ever since he has sat as an Labour supporting independent in the commons. 

In his plea to starmer, John McDonnell said: “He (Corbyn) still hasn’t got the whip back and again I think that is a real mistake by Keir.

“Just drop it and let him back in the party.”

The former Shadow Chancellor explained: “He just needs the Chief Whip and the Leader to say come back. 

“And Jeremy would be like a shot back but I don’t understand why they’ve done that to him.”

On LBC with Iain Dale, John was asked what the positives would be if Corbyn was allowed back into Labour. The Former Shadow Chancellor said: “What was bizarre is that Jeremy got reinstated as a party member and then withdraws the whip and no one completely understood why at that stage if you’ve been reinstated as a party member, because there are no disciplinary matters outstanding.”

John then took a swipe at Starmer saying: “Just let him back in. It’s beginning to look a bit personal and I don’t like that.

“I just think it’s personal and I don’t like it. He should be allowed back in because actually he’s been a Labour member for 50 years!”

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