UNHCR Claims Britains plans to reform the British asylum system is “Discriminatory”.

In an unbelievable announcement, reports have said that the UNHCR say it is deeply concerned with the plans being put forward by the UK government to update and reform the UK Asylum system.

One reporter, Simon Jones, on Twitter said: “The UNHCR says it’s deeply concerned at what it calls the UK’s ‘discriminatory’ plans to reform the asylum system. It says they risk breaching international legal commitments, undermining global refugee cooperation and triggering damaging effects on asylum-seekers.”

The critical question is this. Is the New British Asylum system demonised because it goes against the global elitist plan of wide-open borders?

Should Boris push forward with the new Asylum plan if this is the reaction from the UNHCR?

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A Duncan Smith
A Duncan Smith
1 month ago

Unless we end up going to war with the eu, then there should not be a single asylum seeker allowed into the uk without prior agreement. End of That is the international agreement. Asylum is at first safe country.