Excuses, excuses, excuses. They still don’t get it. Labour blames Covid for the election loss.

After the massive defeat in Hartlepool for Labour, Labours Steve Reed, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, blamed Covid for their loss when in fact, the reason they lost was due to Labour firstly not having a planned strategy and never revealing what Labour stands for. 

For a whole year, Labour has been non-existent when it comes to being an opposition. They aimed to agree with Boris while criticising the governments plan they signed up for. This tactic gave Starmer the name captain hindsight, who then became irrelevant as an opposition. 

By the result this morning, it’s clear to see that Labour red wall is no more and is completely demolished. Labour went woke and went broke. It’s time for a rethink for Labour as a party and their strategy. 

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1 month ago

Labour have losted their way, they are not working for the people of the UK but like the rest of all MPs they are working to build up their bank accounts.