2nd May 2021

Tory MP calls for abolishing the electoral commission after investigation starts to seek where the money came from to pay for Johnsons flat.

By Britannia News

With the electoral commission this week saying they will be starting ‘a formal investigation’ into whether the Tory Party had a hand in paying for the makeover of Boris Johnson Flat, Tory MPs are now calling for abolishing the electoral commission to end the bias.

One of the leading Tory Backbenchers Peter Bone, lashed out at the commission, saying it “was not fit to investigate a drinks party in a brewery.”

“This is a biased and incompetent organisation. It should be abolished. And if the Government does not introduce such a Bill in the Queen’s Speech this month, I will propose it myself in a backbench Bill.”

Do you agree with Peter Bone? Should the Electoral commission be abolished?