30th April 2021

Senior scientists call for an end to all coronavirus restrictions, including mass testing and face masks, by the 21st of June.

By Britannia News

The 22 signatures to the open letter have criticized the government for confused and contradictory directions.

One of the signatories, Professor Robert Dingwall, Professor of Sociology at Nottingham University, told TalkRADIO: “I signed because I read the small print on the prime minister statement about how June the 21st was going to be a great day of liberation and realize it wasn’t.” 

“All sorts of micromanagement everyday life was envisaged to continue well into the Autumn and indefinitely. And as you were just saying, the government was going to be very reluctant to give up its powers of surveillance, control, that it would take them through the duration of an emergency.”

“These things have a tendency to be very sticky.”

When Robert was asked how are you going to counter those who want to keep all current rules in place indefinitely, Robert said: “Well, I think it’s because like the other signatories trends to the letter, I have great confidence in the real-world evidence of the success of the vaccination program.”

“By the time we’ve gone another two or three weeks, all the highest risk groups in the country will have been fully vaccinated with their second dose.”

“We need another two or three weeks beyond that for the immunity to develop as a result of that vaccination. Beyond that, you have to ask, what is the point of any further restrictions?”

Like Robert said, if there is great confidence in the vaccinations and we are being told that we will need booster injections like the flu jab to defeat any variants, then what is the point in the restrictions continuing? 

What’re your thoughts on this? Should all restrictions be lifted by the 21st of June?