29th April 2021

Lord Adonis chirps up with another one of his pledges to undo Brexit and rejoin the EU.

By Britannia News

This panicking sentiment from Adonis was due to the Brexit deal being ratified by the EU Parliament yesterday.

Rejoiner Adonis wrote on social media: “The European Parliament just ratified the Brexit agreement with Britain.”

“Our mission now is to reverse this and get Britain back into Europe, where we must be for our prosperity and security.”

In a follow up to his first tweet, he wrote: “Reversing Brexit is achievable.”

“It is a case not of bringing Lazarus back to life but of telling Johnson, Farage, Gove and Cummings to get lost.”

“A great democracy and a great people who can’t do that can’t achieve anything much.”

Adonis does need to realise the EU did such an excellent job in making people angry over exciting the EU; the last thing people want is to go back in.