29th April 2021

EU demands Britain to pay the majority of the £25billion divorce bill in the next five years.

By Britannia News

As we left the EU, the UK agreed to pay any outstanding debts to the bloc, which adds up to £25billion.

In the next five years, it’s said the UK would pay up to £18billion to the EU, with the rest being spread over the years ending in 2057.

A joint statement from the UK – EU read: “The European Commission will submit the payment communications to the UK twice annually, in April and September, until outstanding net liabilities are extinguished.”

“The EU and UK sides reaffirmed their commitment to complying with their legal obligations under the Withdrawal Agreement.”

“The two sides committed to continue working collaboratively on a range of implementation issues, in recognition of the mutual benefit of smooth implementation of the financial provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement.”

With the amount of money we ploughed into the EU’s investment bank, Should the UK pay this bill?