28th April 2021

UNBELIEVABLE – The man who sold Britain gold at bargain basement prices lectures Boris on transparency.

By Britannia News

It’s unbelievable that the very man who was Tony Blair’s sidekick and the same man who took over Blair and sold Britains gold at bargain-basement prices to his friends is now preaching transparency to the current prime minister who did up his flat. 

Granted, we don’t know where the money has come from to refurbish the flat, and yes, we certainly need transparency at the top of the government. What I don’t accept is being told that by the very guy that wasn’t very transparent in bleeding this country dry and selling off all its gold. Where was his transparency? 

Mr Brown said: “It’s pretty clear to me that three things have got to happen. If you’re going to have proper standards in public life, you need a register of gifts. Any gifts, the prime minister receives got to be registered, got to be made public. And so nobody is beholden to anybody else and gifts are all declared.”

“Clearly the were gifts involved in the refurbishment of this flat? The second thing is you need a register of conflicts of interest. It’s clear that there are Downing street officials who were in the private sector doing other jobs while at the same time, being public officials, supposedly serving full-time in the public sector, that can’t continue.”

“You need a register of what’s gone wrong and you need to say, look, you’re either working for the government and the public interest, or you’re working for a private company. You can’t do both here. And I think the third thing you’ve got to really be careful about is obviously people reporting their lobbying activities.”

“I mean, it’s, the prime minister is lobbied for a commercial interest. He’s got to report it. And so there should be a register of lobbying that makes it absolutely clear who was talking to whom about certain things, including over the telephone, because we cannot have this impression growing that, some people have got access to government and other people.”

“It just seems completely unfair. There are millions of people running through this country at the moment who wants to say something about something that’s wrong. They want sorted out by the prime minister. They don’t get this access, but some privileged people do one law for an elite, one law for the rest.”

“It’s simply not fair.”