28th April 2021

Khan, prior to becoming mayor of London sued the Police 328 times raking in £1.3million in legal aid.

By Britannia News

According to the DailyMail, It looks like Sadiq Khan, before being Mayor of London, worked for a law firm that sued the police a massive 328, gaining a whopping £1.3million in legal aid.

Khan, over the 10yrs at Christian Khan Solicitors, headed up a department named ‘Head of Actions Against the Police’, which received a massive amount of money through legal aid.

This information was brought to light after the Daily Mail sent off for freedom of information request, which asked for details regarding Khan’s former firms with an itemised breakdown of actions against the police.

The question has to be asked. How can London be safe under Khan’s control if Khan previously slammed the police for doing their job?

Prior to moving into politics and becoming London Maor, Sadiq Khan spent a decade from 1994 to 2004 working for leading human rights law firm Christian Fisher, becoming a partner in 1997

Source: Sadiq Khan’s law firm sued police 328 TIMES in 10 years, raking in £1.3m in legal aid