28th April 2021

French EU Minister threatens BRUTAL “RETALIATORY MEASURES” on Britain if the UK doesn’t respect and implement the EU /UK fishing agreement.

By Britannia News

France is out once again, hitting the UK with a warning of “BRUTAL” consequence from the EU if the UK fails to enact and respect the Brexit Fisheries Agreement.

Speaking to French TV, French EU minister Clement Beaune threatens Britain with “Retaliatory Measures” if Britain doesn’t heed to the fishing agreement.

Clement said: “The UK is expecting a number of financial services authorisations from us.

“We will not give any until we have the guarantees that on fishing and other subjects, the United Kingdom is respecting its commitments, added Clément Beaune on BFM Business.

“It’s give-and-take. Everyone must respect their commitments, otherwise, we will be as brutal and difficult as necessary.”

“This is a good deal, especially on fishing and competition.

“If the UK does not enforce it, we will respond with retaliatory measures.

“This is not a blank cheque. A good deal is only good if it is well applied.”

This is the same EU that has banned shellfish caught in British waters from being exported to the EU, yet if the EU catch the same shellfish in Britain’s waters, they can take it back to the EU to sell. How is this right, and how is this fair?