28th April 2021

Brave lady confronts Antifa antagonists telling them “F*** OFF” during last week’s freedom march in London.

By Britannia News

Last weekend there was a massive freedom march in London which saw 750k people turn out on the streets of the capital.

As the event came to a close, things started to heat up between specific people and the police.

We were one of the first to post a video and point out professional antagonists in the crowd that were goading the police to gain the desired reaction from the crowd so that the mainstream media could discredit the peaceful event throughout the day due to bad press headlines.

The video below shows a brave lady who decides to confront people in the crowd from Antifa.

The hallmarks of Antifa is the all black dress code with their faces covered. The lady tells Antifa to “F*** OFF”.

A previous video saw the same lady fending off the same people from attacking the police.