27th April 2021

Viewer exposes Lorraine Kelly after using edited photos to push the Climate agenda.

By Britannia News

A viewer scrutinised Lorraine Kelly and the pictures that she presented on her show to push the climate change narrative in a viral video.

The images were meant to show the view of the Himalayas before and after lockdown. Lorraine explained you couldn’t see the Himalayas due to pollution, but due to lockdown and pollution dropping, you could see the Himalayas clear as day.


There was only one problem, the pictures shown seem to be edited. Both images have the same people in the photo, in the same pose, with the same clothes, yet these pictures are said to have been taken years apart.

This isn’t about if climate change is real or not, but to push an agenda through false photos is wrong and places doubt on what the media is serving people.

Are the media trying to push the green agenda through fake narratives?