26th April 2021

Labours Angela Rayner sent a nosey letter to Tory HQ accusing Conservative Hartlepool candidate of Tax Dodging.

By Britannia News

Labours deputy leader has sent a nosey letter to the Chair of the Conservatives Party over claims speculating the Tory Hartlepool candidate has been tax-dodging due to alleged reports that she has accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Angela Rayner said on Twitter, “The Tory candidate in Hartlepool has more connections with tax havens than she does with Hartlepool.”

“Why do people do business in the Cayman Islands? To avoid paying tax.”

“I’ve written to the Chair of the @Conservatives demanding that their candidate publishes her tax returns.”


Whether this is true or false, it’s only being pushed because the Labour candidate is being smashed in the polls by the Tories. It would be even more embarrassing for the former Labour MP to lose a second time even after playing dirty.