24th April 2021

MASSIVE ON AIR DING DONG – “Labour is a Hyper Middle-class party that really doesn’t have anything to say to ordinary people.”

By Britannia News

In the heated debate Brandon O’Neill from Spiked Online had an on-air clash with a former Labour Adviser, James Mills, over lockdown. Brandon states Labour are a party for the “Hyper Middle Class” that do not understand general folk in the street. 

Brandon also hit out at the lack of opposition from the Labour leader during the Covid Pandemic.

Brandon said: “The Labour leader has not offered any serious opposition or scrutiny to lockdown, which is really shocking”


 “The fact that he hasn’t even tried to raise the serious questions of the economic effects of lockdown really demonstrates that it is. Now, just a hyper middle-class party. That doesn’t really have anything to say to Ordinary People?”

Do you agree with Brandon?