22nd April 2021

MASSIVE HYPOCRISY – Labour Hartlepool candidate advised hospital cuts in a report whilst blaming the Tories.

By Britannia News

MASSIVE HYPOCRISY – Labour Hartlepool candidate advised hospital cuts in a report whilst blaming the Tories.

Labour’s by-election candidate in Hartlepool has been labelled a “Hospital hypocrite” after promising to improve the local health service, which he advised to cut in Hartlepool.

Dr Paul Williams has come out slamming the Conservatives for cutting local health services. Yet, it now transpires the Labour candidate Dr Paul was the commissioner of a report saying that services including critical care could be removed from Hartlepool hospital.

Paul went further, suggesting his report, which he was commissioner of, should be adopted in full.

Chair of the Conservative Party, Amanda Milling, commented in The Northern Echo saying Dr Paul “could not be trusted to deliver on NHS priorities for the people of Hartlepool”.

Amanda then went on to label Dr Paul a “Hospital Hypocrite”. Amanda said: “Despite everything he has said during this campaign, Dr Williams is a hospital hypocrite.

“He was responsible for a report that recommended moving services out of the University Hospital of Hartlepool – and they were.

“These were services best delivered locally and which local people desperately wanted to stay in their local hospital.

“He then has the nerve to bring Labour frontbenchers up to Hartlepool complaining about a lack of hip replacements when he was responsible for stopping them in the first place.”

With this comment, the Labour candidate hit back, saying: “This is the Tories trying to blame local doctors, who are trying to help their patients to get good and safe services. The cuts that they made – in 2013, the Tories had just cut the NHS budget year after year, and it was an impossible position. And, of course, they’re continuing to cut nurse’s pay. We’ve got record waiting lists in the NHS.

“At that time, I was a doctor looking after the interest of my patients doing the only safe thing possible.

“However, subsequent to that, what the Tories didn’t mention is my track record of bringing services back to Hartlepool hospital, so I then ordered the GPs in the fightback against these cuts.”

Labour candidate accused of being ‘hospital hypocrite’ over report which recommended CUTTING services