20th April 2021

Reform UK Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate puts his head above the parapet. “I say NO to vaccine passports”

By Britannia News

Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate for Reform UK has come out with a strong campaign video against Vaccine Passports.

It looks like Nick Buckley MBE has bravely put his head above the parapet to stand up for people in the UK that see where this vaccine passport if implemented, could end up going.

The great belief with this sudden push for vaccine passports is seen as a tool for control. If domestic vaccine passports were to be implemented, what will be next? A smokers passport? Diabetic passport? The flow going forward could be endless for the elite.

Nick Buckley is correct. We shouldn’t open the gates for domestic restrictions being in place where we end up in a tiered society. Once the gate are open to continuous restrictions being added, there is no way of stopping them. #NickBuckley4Mayor