19th April 2021

Barnier begs Macron to listen to French citizens who want to leave the EU to prevent another Country crashing out.

By Britannia News
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Before Britain left the EU, Nigel Farage said Brexit was the first brick out of the EU wall. Others will follow.

Nigel was right. If you look at France, Frexit (French Exit) is startling to pick up pace with the world elite terrified at the prospect of another country exiting the EU.

Eurosceptic National leaders from EU member states are now joining forces to sway the EU’s direction from within.

The new grouping of nations within the EU certainly shows a massive shift away from the Commissions stance of “more Europe”.

Salvini from Italy has said he is putting this group of people together with one aim, to “Make Europe Great Again”.

MICHEL BARNIER has urged Emmanuel Macron to learn from Brexit lessons or France could follow Britain and leave the European Union.

Source: Frexit warning: Barnier makes plea to Macron to listen to citizens who want to leave EU

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