16th April 2021

Where have we heard this before? Frost leaves Brussels with ‘significant differences’ remaining over Northern Ireland Protocol.

By Britannia News

Significant differences remain over the Northern Ireland Protocol after today’s meeting between Lord Frost and Vice EU Commission President Maros Sefcovic.

Lord Frost has said that the Government will not be signing up an agreement that allows continued interference by the EU into UK affairs.

In recent technical discussions, Brussels wanted the UK to align with EU rules around animal products. The UK again flat out rejected this proposal.

The UK Government said: “The meeting is part of an ongoing process with the EU to resolve outstanding differences on the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

The EU spokesman said: “The meeting is part of our intense efforts to find joint solutions to the implementation of the Protocol.”

I think many in the UK have seriously had enough with the EU Commission. We Brits are all for being friendly, but when that gets taken for granted, we start to look silly, especially when we keep going back hoping something will change.

Do you agree that we need to scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol?

LORD Frost was last night standing firm to protect Northern Ireland’s place within the UK.

Source: Frost leaves Brussels after crunch talks over Brexit row – ‘significant differences’