14th April 2021

Labour councillor makes a sick comment about wishing severe sickness on those who voted Brexit.

By Britannia News
Parliament Hill

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has written to Keir Starmer questioning what action is going to be taken against David Everett, who is a Labour councillor from the North West Leicestershire District Council who said the following: “As for the… attention-seeking ignoramuses young and old they will infect each other get the flu and cull themselves.

“Pity it didn’t happen before the Brexit vote, and we would not be leaving the EU.

“The next disaster which is going to hit us.”

Could you imagine the outcry from the media if a Tory had said this, there would be uproar and probably a riot in the streets?

In his letter to Captain Hindsight, AKA Keir Starmer. Mr Bridgen wrote: “In Councillor Everett’s world, would it have been preferable for all of the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit to be ‘culled’, or just enough to allow Remain to have won?”,

“Millions of decent people, including the significant majority in my own constituency and former Labour-held seats, voted for Brexit because they believed it would bring them a better life.

“I find it truly despicable that one of your councillors would invoke the global tragedy of COVID-19 as a means to prevent a democratic decision that he happens to disagree with.

“What have 17.4 million voters done that is so bad that a Labour Party councillor wishes them dead?”

Again this shows a complete disconnect between the job Bloggs in the street and Labour.