12th April 2021

Northern by-election town turn their back on Starmer. Labours grip on Hartlepool CRUMBLES.

By Britannia News

It looks like Labour’s 57-year grip on Hartlepool is about to be smashed after residents rebel against Starmer and his champagne socialist politics.

His once northern red wall voter that Labour took advantage of for decades is well and truly demolished after recent polls suggest the tide is receding on Labour’s grip on the town.

Conservative candidate Jill Mortimer said: “For the first time in decades, residents have the chance to secure real change after 57 years of Labour MPs.

“Conservatives delivered Hartlepool’s Brexit vote, now we can deliver the change we need with more jobs, more apprenticeships, and more investment.

“The alternative is more of the same with a Labour candidate who voted to block Brexit 46 times when he was an MP.

“Labour can’t deliver the change Hartlepool really needs.”

SIR Keir Starmer is set for a humiliating defeat as voters could oust the Labour Party in the Hartlepool by-election next month.

Source: ‘We’ve had enough!’ Sir Keir set for defeat in northern election as Labour ‘loses its way’