11th April 2021

Massive lead for Boris, while Starmer is humiliated after voter support collapses for Labour. 

By Britannia News
Parliament Hill

Starmer’s polling collapses, losing ground with the voters, according to a recent poll conducted by Opinium for the Obsever. 

The polling suggests Labour are heading for a massive defeat in the coming May elections.

The Tories have gained ground by 4%, increasing their polling to 45%, from 41% two weeks ago. On the other hand, Labour has dropped by 1% to 36% in the polls, and it looks like another decrease is coming according to the current trajectory.

With this trajectory, it’s looking like the support for Labour is going elsewhere due to no one knowing what Kier Starmer’s plans are regarding the country, covid and locally.

Some of the UK’s most expensive council taxes have been from local Labour-run councils, where some of the cheapest have been from the Tories. This has been a huge selling point for the tories when it comes to winning the local, on the ground battle.

Do you see Labour doing well in the coming election?

BORIS JOHNSON’S swift coronavirus vaccine rollout has boosted his party’s lead over Labour in the latest opinion poll.

Source: Starmer humiliated as Boris secures largest Tory lead over Labour in poll since last May