10th April 2021

Professor states Labours Keir Starmer could drag UK back into the EU control, if they have a good election result in 2024.

By Britannia News
Parliament Hill

With Labour Leader Keir Starmer now under pressure to change his stance on rejoining the EU, a professor from Birmingham City University has said if Labour leader Keir Starmer has a good election, he may push to reline the UK with the EU’s single marketing and customs union.

Professor Alex de Ruyter said: “I think we need to look beyond the rhetoric.

“It’s not in either side’s interest in the long-run to damage the relationship as the economic and security links are too great.

“Much is linked to the current personalities. If we had a change of government in the UK by 2024 for example, then it is likely that Labour would look to have a closer relationship with the EU that could entail re-joining the Single Market and/or the EU Customs Union.”

On the run up to the coming may elections, do you trust Labour enough to vote for them?

BREXIT could soon be reversed as early as 2024 in a Labour plot to reline with the EU, an expert has claimed.

Source: Labour could drag UK back into the EU control, warns expert – alert over 2024 election